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Your Website's Future Is In SEO

  • Firstly, SEO is so important to the long term success of your website and business.
  • In fact, good SEO means your websites will be higher up the Search Engine’s natural listing.
  • A good looking website means nothing without good SEO.
  • Sustained high organic/natural listing means more conversions & more revenue.
  • So, Improve My Ranking knows how to make sure a website is SEO, user friendly. 
PPC - Pay Per Click

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Improve My Ranking offers SEO services to businesses in Brighton, UK and other English language countries.

We specifically want to help businesses improve their online business, increase traffic and convert more revenue.

Our vision is to provide a personal service that has the upmost focus, attention to detail and at affordable costs. 

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation . It is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results. It is often referred to as “natural”, “organic” results on search engines such as Google and Bing.

Competitor SEO Analysis

We carry out an important, detailed analysis of your competitors. This is so we know actually what to do in order for you to compete with these companies.

SEO Link Building

Backlinks are an important part to a websites performance in search engines. In particular, bad links will affect your Google ranking. And that will inevitable reduce the amount of visitors coming to the site. 

There are so many sites out there that offer backlinks. We can see that it is very difficult for businesses to spot what is a good or bad link.

So therefore, we do carry out a link building audit before we start any SEO work. 


SEO Link Building
SEO Link Building

On-site SEO

Firstly, we would like to point out that there is not many websites that can be competitive without an effective onsite SEO campaign. Onsite SEO ensures your website is built to attract your desired customers through search engines. This requires us to understand how well your top rank competitors have implemented an onsite SEO strategy. Once we discover what is working for them, we can use this information to help craft pages that entice your customers deep into your site where they take action.

On-site SEO service consists of analysing website page titles, meta descriptions, headings, monitor internal and external links, keyword content, image content and site speed

Technical SEO errors

Improve My Ranking can help with SEO errors that appear and we can also provide you with updates of our progress.

SEO for New Sites

Rarely do businesses nowadays not understand the importance of Search Engine Optimisation. And they are taking action either pre-launch or as soon as the website goes live. We have a lot of experience in setting up websites. Therefore, we know the preparation required to ensure that websites have the best chance of performing well, straight from the word go. 

If you are a small business that requires a new site please click for more 

Keyword Research

An invaluable part of any digital marketing campaign is keyword research. Keyword research allows us to position your website for success. So that we can get businesses the right traffic to the site we will need to understand their industry and competitors keywords. This will establish the traffic volumes for those keywords. Furthermore, adding onsite SEO on the back of keyword research can have a huge impact in a short space of time.


Another great service we offer is reports. We like to give business regular updates of the progress that we making.

This really does give businesses an insight to what we are doing for them. Not only that but they are able to know the progress of their website and what their return on investment is.

Another reason we provide reports is to show businesses that we have utter confidence in our SEO ability.

SEO Reporting

SEO Budget

Our approach when it comes to budgets is a bit different to other marketing firms. Above all, we can work with any budget. If you are a smaller company we would still like you to contact us as we can still tailor something for you. 

In most cases, once companies see the benefits of what we are doing they increase their budgets accordingly.

Furthermore, Improve My Ranking are still less expensive than the big digital agencies due to our overheads being a lot less. But ultimately, our service to you will be a lot more personal and more attention to detail.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experts in PPC 
  • You will get nothing but 100 per cent dedication from one our experienced consultants 
  • Strategy planning 
  • Set up tracking/reports Increase users to your website 
  • Get your business more emails/calls 
  • Lower cost compared the bigger agencies due to our overheads being less 
  • No contract – you can cancel any time

What Is Being Said

We would like to thank Improve My Ranking for the work that have done for us so far. They have have transformed our business. The website generates a lot of traffic due the PPC campaigns we are currently running. And the SEO work that has been carried out has move us from Google listing #35 to position #5. So we are very happy with the the work that they are doing.

PPC Managment Service

Do you need traffic straightaway? Pay Per Click advertising is the answer to that. We can manage and keep the accounts updated.

SEO Consultants

Invest in your websites future. SEO is very much the key to a successful business.Success will be to maintain higher Google/search engines

Website Builders

We build fully functional websites for start-up and small businesses. All our websites are high quality and mobile responsive - SEO friendly

Free Consultation

We offer free consultations to establish what your requirements are. You can contact us via social media, telephone or our contact form