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Why Pay Per Click Campaigns?

  • Firstly, it generates you instant and increased website traffic 
  • Similarly it increases the amount of emails/calls enquiries you receive
  • You have complete control of the type audience – areas, times, keywords etc.
  • But not only that, you decide when you advertise to suit your business needs
  • And, most importantly, the amount you spend is ultimately your decision.
PPC - Pay Per Click

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click – Ultimately, you only pay for the traffic that comes to your site – Pay Per Click basis. This can be done on search engines such as:

  • Google – Google’s PPC service is called GoogleAds – previously Google Adwords
  • Yahoo/Bing,
  • Baidu (China’s top search engine)

Or social networking sites such as:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter.

How the advertising campaigns work – Firstly, you decide how much you want to spend each month. Next, decide who your target market is and this is usually done by keywords. And finally, write an advert that is going to entice your potential users to visit your site and purchase from you.

Unfortunately, that process is not quite as easy as it sounds. There are multiple factors that determine when and where your ads are shown, and whether a user will choose you over one of your competitors. So, this is where Improve My Ranking come in!

What we can do is analyse your target market, find you the most cost effective place to advertise, and then set-up and run your campaigns to generate you the most amount of business possible based on you budget. And because your account will only be run by consultants who have vast knowledge and experience, this therefore means your advertising will be in the best possible hands.

How Much Should I Spend?

Ultimately this is up to you! 

The more you spend, the more traffic you get. But you do not need to spend a fortune – as we know from running other small local businesses PPC advertising is very cost effective. 

Monthly budgets range from one company to the next based on their size. Some small business only have one or two hundred pounds budget and then you some big companies who spend millions. 

Although, that does not really give a directly answer to the question – we know we can work within any budget which will get you as much traffic as possible. What is particularly important though is to make sure is that the traffic that your PPC advert generates is high quality and it converts into revenue.

Improve My Ranking - PPC Services Offered

  • Account Audit – A thorough audit of your current PPC account, broken down by area; detailing what works well and what doesn’t. And this comes with suggestions for improvement/growth. 
  • New Build Accounts – If you have never used PPC before, or would like to advertise on a new platform, we can create a detailed account covering your products/services or just specific ones if that is what you wish to target. The account will be built with best practice in mind and be easy to understand, should you want to run it yourself. Having an account working well from the very start is very important. Especially as this sets the tone in terms of what you are going to pay per click. In fact, set it up properly and the less you will pay. 
  • Ongoing Account Management/Optimisation – We can run your PPC account for you, ensuring your budget is used in the most efficient way possible, and using your account data to make continual improvements. By keeping on top of industry developments, we will always know of new opportunities for development and growth. 
  • PPC Strategy – We will issue you a plan based on your business needs which explains in detail what will work best for you. Our PPC strategies also include recommended budgets and projections of what you can hope to generate.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experts in PPC 
  • You will get nothing but 100 per cent dedication from one our experienced consultants 
  • Strategy planning 
  • Set up tracking/reports Increase users to your website 
  • Get your business more emails/calls 
  • Lower cost compared the bigger agencies due to our overheads being less 
  • No contract – you can cancel any time

What Is Being Said

We would like to thank Improve My Ranking for the work that have done for us so far. They have have transformed our business. The website generates a lot of traffic due the PPC campaigns we are currently running. And the SEO work that has been carried out has move us from Google listing #35 to position #5. So we are very happy with the the work that they are doing.

PPC Managment Service

Do you need traffic straightaway? Pay Per Click advertising is the answer to that. We can manage and keep the accounts updated.

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Invest in your websites future. SEO is very much the key to a successful business.Success will be to maintain higher Google/search engines

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